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  • Facebook Dismissal
    Posted by Anna Ford on 14 Jan 2014
    The Fair Work Commission recently held that a company’s Facebook message to one of its employees telling her that it would be inappropriate if she was to return to work did in fact amount to the termination of her employment.
  • Managing Workplace Relationships - Part 4
    Posted by Anna Ford on 8 Nov 2013
    Facebook or Face-Crook All it took was for a Shona Mackin to undertake a quick Facebook search of one of her employees to discover that the employee’s so called ‘injury’ and claim for workers compensation was fraudulent - and it was all downhill from there! The relevant employee sought workers compensation after he was involved in a motorcycle accident which he claimed happened on the way to his work. Subsequently the employee requested light duties and was working only two hours a day due to the pain he was experiencing in his arm.
  • Fired up over Facebook
    Posted by Anna Ford on 13 Aug 2013
    There was backlash last month from Melbourne firefighters when Fire Brigade management cut all employees right to check Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other websites down to just 60 minutes per shift. The move came after management found that the top 10 most visited websites were not work related sites. The United Firefighters Union, on behalf of their members, have taken the case to the Fair Work Commission in an attempt to have management’s decision overturned. They assert there are a number of issues with the sudden implementation of new rules, without formal warning or room for discussion with employees. The main concern from the firefighters was that their existing workplace policy provided that limited internet use was "permitted so long as it did not affect [work] or breach internal policies."
  • Caution: BYO Devices
    Posted by Anna Ford on 16 Jul 2013
    With increasing demands being placed on employee's time and productivity levels in recent years, there is a growing trend for employees to be using their own personal electronic devices (such as smart phones, iPads and so on) as well as other electronic storage devices to enable them to juggle work commitments outside of the office - whether it be whilst working at home, or in between client/customer appointments.