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  • Parental Leave and Sunset Clauses
    Posted by Anna Ford on 29 Jul 2013
    As mentioned in our previous blog ‘Returning to work post baby’ employees have the right to request flexible working arrangements upon their return to work, including working part-time. However, it is important for both the employee and the employer to realise that these employment conditions are not permanent. One way you can make that clear is to incorporate a “sunset clause” in the agreement that is negotiated. By “sunset clause” I mean an end date to the arrangement. So for example, in the case of flexible work arrangements, the end date will typically be when the child reaches school age. Accordingly, the expectation set from the beginning of the arrangement is that the employee will resume full duties, as per the terms of his/her original employment contract, as soon as the child starts school. Have you considered the implications of staff returning from parental leave?