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  • Posted by Stephen Booth on 17 Jan 2012
    It is in the nature of our media-saturated world that crises occupy all attention for “15 minutes of fame”, and then subside again, so those not directly involved lose the track of the story, till the next crisis. So what has happened to the Qantas dispute?  Essentially, the wheels set in motion by the Qantas grounding, and the orders of FWA on 31 October, continue to turn, but out of sight.  There having been no private resolution within the 21 days allowed, the disputes are now set up for formal arbitration by FWA in March 2012.  The general expectation is that, when imposing a deal on the parties, FWA will not override Qantas’ management prerogative to the extent of interfering in decisions about off-shore operations and staffing.  Certainly it seems to be Qantas’ calculation that it will get a better deal out of FWA than directly with the unions, and by a route which precludes ongoing industrial action.
  • Posted by Stephen Booth on 3 Nov 2011
    Fascinating to watch the developments in the Qantas dispute over the recent weeks. We’ve got out of the habit of watching a dispute on this scale, in a critical industry, with the added frisson of uncertainty over the operation of new legislation. The theatre of a commercial/industrial dispute such as this is something which anyone involved in negotiation or dispute resolution can appreciate. What step to take next, when to take it? How to calibrate it and what message will it send to the other players? How to play your cards close to your chest, while at the same time managing the audience (in this case via intense media interest)?

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