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Month: November 2011

  • Appeal against 90 minute after school shifts unsuccessful!!!
    Posted by Anna Ford on 9 Nov 2011
    Retailers will very shortly be able to hire high school students on 90 minute casual after-school shifts, after Fair Work Australia rejected the appeal by the Shop Distributive Allied Employer’s Association (refer to previous blog). FWA wasn’t persuaded that the proposed variation of the three hour minimum engagement period under the General Retail Industry Award was “affected by error”. The decision, however, doesn’t mean an immediate start to 90 minute shifts because the Award was not formally varied, but the option shouldn’t be too far away! It is anticipated that 90 minute shifts will only be available where the employee and their parent or guardian agrees, and where employment for a longer period than the period of the engagement is not possible either because of the operational requirements of the employer, or the unavailability of the employee.
  • The theatre of flying by the seat of your pants
    Posted by Stephen Booth on 3 Nov 2011
    Fascinating to watch the developments in the Qantas dispute over the recent weeks. We’ve got out of the habit of watching a dispute on this scale, in a critical industry, with the added frisson of uncertainty over the operation of new legislation. The theatre of a commercial/industrial dispute such as this is something which anyone involved in negotiation or dispute resolution can appreciate. What step to take next, when to take it? How to calibrate it and what message will it send to the other players? How to play your cards close to your chest, while at the same time managing the audience (in this case via intense media interest)?