Coleman Greig in the Community

One of the core values we embrace at Coleman Greig is “community” and our ultimate responsibility to give back to the community in which we operate. It’s a value that is very important to all of the staff here at the firm and the notion of corporate responsibility is firmly entrenched within our culture.
Some of the ways in which we contribute include:

Supporting Charitable Organisations

Coleman Greig undertakes numerous activities every year in support of a range of charities and worthwhile causes. Our more established, ongoing commitments include organising the annual Coleman Greig Challenge: Corporate for Community; to raise funds for St Gabriel’s School for students with Hearing Impairment and Other Special Needs, the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, and My Westmead. In addition we host regular events and fundraising activities including our Women in Business forums.

Professional Support for Not-For-Profit Organisations

Coleman Greig has particular expertise in the field of law concerning NFPs. To help support this vital sector of the economy, we run a series of seminars and briefings for managers and directors of NFPs and we have partnered with the Centre for Social Impact at UNSW to host presentations and briefings on the issues affecting NFPs moving forward.

Supporting the Business Community

Coleman Greig provides a comprehensive range of educational and professional development services for clients and the local business community. We run a series of workshops, seminars, briefings and forums that are designed to inform and educate businesses and individuals with regard to their legal obligations and responsibilities. We also offer CG Training, in-house training for clients and their employees in the areas of employment law, competition law, consumer law, directors' duties, intellectual property and credit management. 

Environmental Responsibility at Coleman Greig

Our commitment to social responsibility at Coleman Greig extends into our environmental responsibilities as well, including managing our environmental footprint and undertaking sustainable work practices. Coleman Greig, together with a number of other large and very visible businesses in the region, participates in the Sustainability Advantage Program supported by Parramatta City Council. The program is being managed by the NSW Dept of Environment and Climate Change and encourages participants to become a “green” role model within the business community. We are also members of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA), an industry-led association working collaboratively to promote sustainable practices across the legal sector.

Job Creation Within the Local Community

Over the years Coleman Greig has established a reputation as an “Employer of Choice” within the Western Sydney region. The firm currently employs around 80 permanent and part-time staff, the majority of whom have a long history of tenure at the firm. 
We also offer a variety of work experience opportunities and a Legal Studies Cadetship Program each year to Western Sydney University law students, providing financial assistance for educational resources and the chance to work at Coleman Greig while studying.

In addition, the firm regularly employs legal administration trainees, providing career opportunities for school leavers.  

Western Sydney Young Professionals

Coleman Greig is a sponsor organisation of the Western Sydney Young Professionals Network. The forum is designed as an opportunity for young professionals to achieve sustained career growth and development through establishing networks, building relationships and sharing knowledge and several of our staff our actively involved in running the Network. 

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