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Winning social media blitz by NSW Police Force

Posted by on 26 Apr 2017

We often write that the key to a successful social media presence is the ability to connect to your target audience. However, what do you do if your target audience is quite literally everyone? How do you ensure that everyone listens to your message and better yet remembers it? This is the struggle that NSW Police Force inevitably face and which has led to a brilliant (and quite humorous) social media campaign. Whilst it was very difficult to narrow it down, here are our top five posts from our friends in blue:


Here’s why we love NSW Police Force’s social media activity:

  1. It’s memorable– An audience will always remember a message if the post causes a positive reaction such as laughter;
  2. The message is genuine – Whilst the police may infuse humour into their messages it doesn’t detract from the important message they are delivering;
  3. It creates personality – The use of humour and current internet trends such as memes is a great way for NSW Police Force to build rapport with the general public. Their Facebook page currently has a following of approximately 930,000. If the momentum behind their posts continues, one can only expect the numbers to increase;
  4. Their social media campaign hasn’t replaced their traditional forms of communication with the public but it is a quick and cost effective method to deliver key messages; and,
  5. It’s topical – We have previously warned about the perils of tying your brand to specific events but NSW Police Force does this brilliantly! 

Among other posts, NSW Police Force has leveraged off events such as April Fool’s Day and daylight savings. These events typically aren’t controversial and are unlikely to offend people making them perfect topic for a joke!

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