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Savvy businesses capitalise on Pokemon-Go

Posted by on 29 Sep 2016

Whilst the Pokémon-GO interactive app may have some of us begging to Pokemon-STOP there is no denying that the virtual reality game reached a level of popularity that no one (bulba) saw coming. The Oddish behaviours and language (in case you were questioning our use of italics) of users has made us Slowpokes here at Coleman Greig wonder what all the fuss is about. We take a look at how Cleffa businesses have used the fad to boost popularity with their customers.

We’ve all heard about the game’s success but if you thought it seemed a little Farfetch’d, a total of 9,803 downloads were recorded within a two-minute time frame according to the AppInstitiute (see the breakdown below).  

Two minutes later, and Abra Kadabra, the creators generated approximately $21,360.00 in revenue.

But the Pokemon-Go creators aren’t the only ones cashing in on this (poli) whirlwind fad. Australian and overseas businesses have also leveraged off the app to attract more customers. Social media genius, Woolworths, cleverly aligned themselves with the app, posting helpful tips for customers before releasing ‘official’ reports of Krabby sightings (see below).


Fast food giant, McDonalds, was also lovin’ it as the game was said to have increased of the number guests visiting restaurants globally. So how has McDonalds lured them in? It is reported that the food chain paid for approximately 3000 stores to become “Pokémon Gyms” which saw flocks of trainers attending the site to battle their Pokémon against other gamers with the hopes of becoming a “gym leader.” 

Overseas animal Shelders also Exeddcute-d a brilliant strategy that encouraged trainers to walk impounded Arcanines whilst hunting for wild Pokémon. 

So what can we learn from these businesses?

  1. Use your playful side to build a connection – Engaging in a popular fad such as the Pokémon saga demonstrates to your audience that your business has personality. This reminds your audience that behind the business, there are real people who enjoy similar things to them. 
  2. Be creative – Woolworths, MacDonald’s and Muncie Animal Shelter all took the same concept, Pokémon-GO, and aligned it with features of their business. To your clients and consumers, business continues as usual but with a fun, engaging twist! 
  3. Be topical – Incorporating current events, fads or interests is a great way to stay in the forefront of your audience’s mind. Your audience will appreciate your efforts in remaining up-to-date and may even expect or rely on you to update them on developing issues. 
  4. Be appropriate – It is important to acknowledge that every fad or craze may not be applicable to you, so choose one that will compliment your business. For example a Funeral Home should not be seen inciting users to catch Pokémon. 

On Twitter? Send @ColemnGreig a tweet of your crazy Pokémon sightings and we just might have a Pikachu!

Disclaimer: We confirm no Pokémon were harmed in the writing of this blog.

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