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International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women – Getting help

Posted by Karina Ralston on 25 Nov 2015

The amount of domestic and personal violence recorded in Australia over the last ten years is at record highs. An overwhelming proportion of victims in these cases are women.

In a survey published by the Australian Institute of Criminology in 2012, one in every three women reported to having been a victim of physical violence, one in every five women reported to having been a victim of sexual violence, and one in every four women reported to having been a victim of emotional violence.

Numerous organisations around the country are working to educate both victims and perpetrators about the effects of domestic violence. The ABC collaborated with The Drum to compile stories from victims of domestic violence to not only highlight the terrible circumstances that women and children in society are subjected to every day, but to encourage victims to realise that they aren’t alone.

Organisations are trained to listen, and assist in every type of scenario. If you are or know a victim of domestic violence, reach out for help:

  • 1800 737 732 - National Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Counseling Service
  • ‘Daisy Connecting Women’ – Smartphone application for domestic violence victims for ease of access to government services
  • 1800 65 64 63 - NSW Domestic Violence Line

For a full list of available resources for victims of Violence, visit: 

To read the stories of victims of abuse, visit:'s-domestic-violence-crisis/6950546


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