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3D printing is changing the world, but what about the legal ramifications?

Posted by on 8 Dec 2014

It has been fascinating to see the advancements of 3D printing and how this innovative technology has positively affected so many industries.

In my view the medical and jewellery industries have benefited the most out of 3D printing technology. I’ve read about how prosthetics can now be created and printed at the click of a button and how easy it is to bring any of your dream jewellery designs to life. A simple Google search will have you reading many stories about how 3D printing has changed lives. You will quickly find headlines such as “7 Year Old Thankful for 3D Printed Bionic Arm This Thanksgiving” and “3D Printing Aids 5 Facial Transplant Surgeries”.

In October I had the pleasure of attending a forum called the “Technology of Tomorrow” hosted by Females in Information Technology and Telecommunications, an association I am glad to have discovered and am now proud to be a part of. 3D printing was a big part of the discussions of the day. It was obvious that more and more people were becoming seriously interested in the idea of being able to print almost anything and wanted to know more about it.

The medical and jewellery industries are obviously not the only areas that have advanced on 3D printing – 3D printers can print almost anything. With the technology advancing so rapidly one has to cast a thought over the legal repercussions that 3D printing may bring – think weapons, drugs and the effect on the manufacturing industry. Obviously there are many different factors to take into consideration when we consider the future of 3D printing and many legal and moral arguments and discussions to be had – so watch this space!

If you have a business in the medical or jewellery industry, have you considered how 3D printing might change the way in which you do business? Have you considered purchasing a 3D printer?

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