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Does your workplace have a harassment and discrimination policy?

Posted by on 15 Aug 2014

If not, it is definitely time to implement one!

The Federal Court has recently handed down a landmark decision by awarding a former Oracle employee $130,000 in damages. This case clearly highlights the Court’s readiness to award significant money in cases of harassment and discrimination.

The Oracle employee was sexually harassed over a period of 6 months by another employee. Specifically, the employee was subjected to humiliating verbal advances and comments, sometimes in the presence of co-workers and clients. Such comments included “I love your legs in that skirt” and “I’m going to be thinking about them wrapped around me all day long”.

The employee developed an adjustment disorder, anxiety and depression and took about 12 months to recover and find alternate employment.

This case highlights the importance of protecting yourself as an employer. If you do not have a harassment and discrimination policy – you need to make the implementation of one a priority. If you have one in place you need to ensure it is up to date, legally compliant and that you follow it!

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