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Royal Wedding Fever …. Speculation over whether there is a “pre-nup”

Posted by on 28 Apr 2011

Speculation abounds regarding every aspect of the imminent royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton – from who is going to design her dress, to what form of transport she will take to the ceremony and what is on the menu.

In recent weeks we have also seen an increasing number of articles in both the mainstream media and online news and gossip sites querying whether Kate has been asked to sign a pre-nup.  Popular US site The Huffington Post  ( even outlines the estimated damage to the royals’ finances following the demise of Prince Charles and Prince Andrew’s first marriages!

Who will ever really know what is being signed behind closed doors?  Marrying into the British royal family will surely require very strict confidentiality clauses, particularly given the scandals of recent years.

However, “pre-nups” or binding financial agreements have become a reality in today’s society – especially when there is a lot at stake should a marriage fail.  People are generally marrying older, and in some cases more than once, so the asset pool at the start of the relationship can be quite large or even ‘one-sided’.

Many couples entering into marriage find that a well-drafted and fair agreement, negotiated and signed before the wedding, offers a sense of security and the reassurance that future disputes can be minimised. 

At Coleman Greig, we have drafted and negotiated numerous financial agreements between parties – both pre and post nuptial.  The old stigma of a “pre-nup”, or even the notion that only the very rich and famous need them, no longer applies and couples from all walks of life are using these agreements to protect their individual assets.

So, Kate – if you need professional advice or help with the negotiations …. we’d be happy to help!

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