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Relocation – Some Recent Report Findings….

Posted by on 30 Mar 2011

The Australian Institute of Family Studies recently carried out an analysis of 190 Family Court relocation judgments handed down between 2002 and 2004. The findings revealed that 80% of parents involved in such disputes had high conflict, abusive relationships involving allegations of family violence and prior court proceedings.

Most cases examined relocations of significant distances being either overseas or more than 1,000 kilometres from the other parent.

The study revealed that the main reasons for a parent wanting to relocate were to be closer to family support, to be with a new partner or to pursue work opportunities. Interviews with parents also revealed that often there were several complex reasons for relocation, including wanting to escape conflict with the other parent.

In terms of success rates, in 75% per cent of cases, parents seeking to return to their birthplace were successful, however an application to relocate was less likely to be successful if the non-primary care parent was heavily involved with their children in shared care arrangements.

Some other interesting statistics revealed:

  • 88% of parents applying for relocation orders were women
  • 57% of relocation applications were approved with 43% of cases being rejected
  • Parents wanting to relocate so they could return to their birthplace were successful in 75% of cases
  • Parents wanting to relocate to be with a new partner were successful in 54% of cases.

 If you are seeking to move away with your child from the other parent, or if you need help to vary any existing parenting orders that you may have in place, contact one of our family law specialists for expert advice.


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