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Managing Workplace Relationships - Part 4

Posted by on 8 Nov 2013


Woman computerFacebook or Face-Crook


All it took was for a Shona Mackin to undertake a quick Facebook search of one of her employees to discover that the employee’s so called ‘injury’ and claim for workers compensation was fraudulent - and it was all downhill from there!


The relevant employee sought workers compensation after he was involved in a motorcycle accident which he claimed happened on the way to his work. Subsequently the employee requested light duties and was working only two hours a day due to the pain he was experiencing in his arm.



Over time many of the employee’s colleagues started to became fed up having to constantly cover for him, and ultimately presented photos to management of the employee dangling from a tree branch suspended only by his ‘injured’ arm. When approached the employee immediately dropped his workers compensation claim and resigned a short time later.


Monitoring an employees use of social media can be tricky at the best of times, let alone working out what you can legally do with the information that comes available! What you can and cannot do, or what you can and cannot rely on, will often depend on the particular situation – so if in doubt, contact our experienced employment lawyers for guidance on (02) 9635 6422.

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