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Conduct unbecoming Chesty Bond?

Posted by Stephen Booth on 29 Aug 2011

The allegations in the Berkeley/Pacific Brands bullying case have become clearer. In the initial reports (REFER TO PREVIOUS BLOG), the allegation was a bit soft-edged, but now the conduct of the manager accused of bullying is said to have included:


  • flying off the handle at any time
  • foul language ("you ------- dud, you ....... loser!")
  • yelling
  • banging furniture and computers with his fists
  • kicking a dustbin at an employee
  • personal abuse littered with swearing
  • using his height (6' 4")and (over)weight to intimidate.


The experiences of six other employees are being called in aid by Sally Berkeley as corroboration to get beyond the direct "Yes you did"/"No I didn't" evidentiary impasse , and to demonstrate that Pacific Brands knew of the bullying but did nothing about it because the manager was a good financial performer. And there is now, a la DJs, a claim for punitive damages in addition to compensation for loss.


Pacific Brands continues to play a straight bat against allegations it says are baseless.


Back in court early in December, so it is not likely to be over in a hurry, and not a good look in the meantime.

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