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The secret to KFC’s 11 herbs and spices has been revealed

Posted by Adnan Meher on 23 Nov 2017

Fried chicken specialist KFC deserves praise for its recent social media strategy which has online users talking for all the right reasons.

An observant twitter user recently noticed that the company was only following 11 users – an unusual move given that most companies try to generate followers by following as many as they can themselves.

The reason for the chosen few? It’s actually marketing genius: 

Still haven’t figured it out? Take closer look and you’ll see the five former Spice Girls along with six high profile Herbs. In other words, KFC’s eleven secret herbs and spices.

It’s a clever and unique strategy to draw attention to the ongoing mystery surrounding the brand’s recipe – clearly a seasoned marketer is at the helm.

As for the twitter user who first called attention to KFC’s account? Unsavoury rumours are circulating that he is working with KFC. Regardless, he’s been rewarded with a painting of himself with the Colonel and KFC has drawn attention to itself in a fun and positive way. 

Will it work for everyone? No, but it will hopefully encourage others to think outside the square when promoting their brand on social media.

Until next time, have a Zinger of a day!