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Quality Accreditation at Coleman Greig

“Quality – to invest with proper or necessary qualities, skills etc; to make competent” - Macquarie Dictionary
Quality is a word that is often used to describe goods or services, but let’s be honest, it can't always be justified. 
What does certification mean for you?
Certification is a formal and independent recognition of the quality of Coleman Greig’s systems. It recognises the commitment of Coleman Greig’s staff and Principals to ensuring those systems are implemented, monitored and maintained, and the firm’s desire to ensure the quality of our operation. 
In order to maintain this certification our systems and management processes must be continuously reviewed and measured against best practice standards.  
An independent auditor assesses all aspects of our firm on a regular basis, in addition to the internal auditing we undertake ourselves as part of the protocol. To be accredited we have to meet strict requirements across a range of criteria (from business planning right through to file handing), which means that we are constantly monitoring our systems and striving for continuous improvements in all aspects of the firm’s operations.
For our clients, it means that you can rest assured our systems and processes are of the highest standard and that we offer the best quality service available from a legal firm.