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Coleman Greig offers specifically tailored solutions and provide your business with the necessary tools to ensure you remain compliant with the Compeitition and Consumer Act (CCA) and minimise the potential risk to your business and its directors.

Training your staff on the content and implications of the CCA is an essential tool in managing the risk to your business. Making sure that staff members understand their obligations pursuant to the CCA, how their actions relate to the CCA and what is considered a breach of the CCA will ensure your business remains compliant.

At Coleman Greig we offer individually tailored compliance training programs for businesses of all sizes. Whether or not you have had dealings with the ACCC in the past or are subject to the mandatory compliance training, we can provide mandatory and non-mandatory compliance training that will ensure that your staff members are aware of risk issues and know how to deal with them, should they arise. This is particularly prudent if you have new staff joining your business, or need to consider continuing education for existing staff as amendments are made to the law.

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