Commercial Litigation

At Coleman Greig we understand that litigation can be costly, in terms of both time and money, and that it ultimately distracts you from your day-to-day business. However, when there is no alternative to Court, you can be confident that our team of expert litigators is tenacious, dedicated and determined…and a team that you will be pleased to have working for you! 
Our litigation team has significant experience, and has achieved excellent results, in all jurisdictions. We will represent your business with the utmost professionalism and integrity. We have a diverse range of experience within the team, and can quickly understand the key issues at stake, then develop sound legal strategies to ensure a successful outcome. Most importantly we understand the commercial impact litigation can have on a business and will always try to minimise that impact, and act in the best interests of your business.
We can help you with:
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency  
  • Building and construction disputes 
  • Confidentiality disputes 
  • Contractual disputes 
  • Corporations law and disputes 
  • Debt recovery and credit management 
  • Employment law 
  • Enforcement of commercial agreements 
  • Licensing and franchising 
  • Occupational health and safety 
  • Privacy 
  • Property disputes – leasing/mortgages 
  • Protection of intellectual property 
  • Shareholder disputes 
  • Trade practices litigation

Commercial Litigation - Our Clients

When an issue arises that cannot be resolved without Court action, the experienced litigators at Coleman Greig work with clients to develop a legal strategy that will deliver the best possible result, regardless of the issue.
Our expertise in this area has been gained while working for clients from a diverse range of commercial backgrounds. We have worked for clients in fields such as hospitality, building and construction, manufacturing, franchising, retail, property development, professional services, and government.


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