Mediation & Dispute Resolution

The team here at Coleman Greig is experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration. 
At Coleman Greig, we adopt a flexible approach to dispute resolution. We believe that a solution can be found to most issues without the need for costly court action and we are committed to resolving our clients’ business disputes in a professional manner and, most importantly, with concern for the commercial impact on their business. We understand that the courtroom should be a last resort and will endeavour to resolve matters as quickly and effectively as possible, and in your best interests.
When a legal dispute arises, we work with you to identify a preferred outcome and the best strategy for achieving that particular outcome. Our skilled negotiators and mediators can quickly assess the path to take and our results speak for themselves!
We can help you with:
  • Assessing opportunities to resolve disputes outside court 
  • Plain language and commercial advice on the practical options and negotiating strategy 
  • Preparing your case with a view to resolving it before litigation commences, or out of court if litigation has started 
  • Working with you and other parties to set up mediation or other alternatives to litigation 
  • Representing you at mediation seeking a non-litigated outcome.


For more information or to make an appointment at our Parramatta or Norwest offices, contact:

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Mediation & Dispute Resolution - Our Clients

Coleman Greig’s team of experienced lawyers has developed considerable experience in the field of mediation and dispute resolution and we understand the impact of a legal dispute on your business and the potential commercial issues you may face.
We have assisted clients from a range of industries to resolve their legal issues quickly and effectively, without the need to resort to court action, and have represented organisations from the manufacturing, franchising, building and construction, retail, services, not-for-profit and finance industries as well as government.


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    Laura Bazouni
    The term, “without prejudice” seems to promise the remarkable ability to prevent statements that are conceded by one party to another from being relied upon in Court proceedings. In actual fact, “without prejudice” is a tool to assist parties to settle their disputes outside of Court.
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    Standards Australia has released a draft version of its new ‘AS11000’ which is intended to replace the current standard form of contracts AS2124:1992 and AS4000:1997, and merge them into one new set of general conditions of contract.
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    Neil Palmer
    We are often asked to steer clients through their disputes. However, they do not always want to take the most aggressive option –usually litigation. Depending on the nature and circumstances of the particular conflict our clients are facing, we often recommend and adopt alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods.
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    Racha Abboud
    The changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct (the Code) has seen more onerous good faith obligations for both franchisors and franchisees. To ensure that both parties comply with such obligations, the Code now requires franchisors and franchisees to attempt to resolve disputes prior to terminating the agreement on foot. These are the most frequently asked questions my clients ask me when a dispute occurs.
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