Employment Law & WHS

The constantly changing and complex nature of legislation in the field of employment law and occupational health and safety has meant that companies have become increasingly reliant on expert legal advice and representation.

At Coleman Greig, our team of experienced workplace relations lawyers can ensure you understand your rights, responsibilities and legal obligations in the field as well as managing the risks of disputed claims. We work with your business to ensure your compliance with the relevant legislation and provide strategic advice to minimise the potential for employment disputes and, in the case of employee safety, exposure to workplace incidents.

As jobs become more technical and the labor market becomes global, many businesses find themselves in the position of having to recruit internationally for skilled employees. Coleman Greig can provide you with specialised immigration advice to help your business. Our team of qualified and experienced Registered Migration Agents is available for clients who are dealing with the complex and rapidly changing laws that govern both temporary and permanent entry into Australia.

In addition, we have experienced employment law and WHS litigators within the team who can successfully represent your business in courts and tribunals should the need arise.

We can help you with: 

  • Performance Management and Employment Terminations 
  • Unfair Dismissal and General Protections claims, including claims of Adverse Action, Prohibited Conduct and Sham Contracting 
  • Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying 
  • Workplace Restructuring and Redundancies 
  • Compliance with employment legislation, including the Fair Work Act, Australian Human Rights Act and State based legislation 
  • Award interpretation, Modern Awards and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements 
  • Fair Work Ombudsman Investigations 
  • Contracts of Employment and Workplace Policies 
  • Post-employment Restraint, Restraint of Trade and Protecting Intellectual Property and Confidential Information 
  • WHS Compliance 
  • Industrial Relations, Industrial Disputes and Union Issues 
  • Modern Award Compliance Check

CG Workplace Connect 

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For more information or to make an appointment at our Parramatta or Norwest offices, contact:

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Employment Law & WHS - Our Clients

Coleman Greig’s team of experienced employment lawyers provides quality advice and representation to a diverse range of clients. These clients include family businesses employing less than fifty staff members, through to subsidiaries of multi-national organisations with hundreds of employees, public and privately owned companies. 
Our employment and OHS experts have earned an enviable reputation over the years. Working closely with clients from a range of industry sectors, the team provides quality advice that ensures compliance with relevant legislation, and expert representation in the Courts and Tribunals when required.
We currently act for clients from fields as diverse as banking and finance, local government, franchising, retail, manufacturing, building and construction, professional services, food and hospitality and the not-for-profit sector.
"Coleman Greig take a much broader and longer term perspective approach to their client base, helping solve issues which may not be great revenue raisers for Coleman & Greig but assist in cementing our relationship on a longer term basis."

Michael Biddle, Managing Director, Capital Safety

"Imation ANZ would like to thank Coleman Greig for the sound uncomplicated advice we have received over the years. It really makes a difference knowing we can reach out and be assured to receive timely sound advice from you. Also, the very informative and enlightening Workshops and Seminars we attend help ensure the running of our business in a compliant manner."

Bernadette Strang, APAC Region HR Coordinator, Imation ANZ