Proposed Changes to the 457 Visa Program - Good for Business

Less stringent English standards, removal of Labour Market Testing (LMT), and the introduction of a fast-tracking system for visa application approvals are among a number of changes to Australia’s 457 visa program recommended by a panel established by the Federal Government earlier this year.  The recommendations have the potential to substantially increase the flexibility of the 457 program.

The major recommendations include:

Stream 1 - would include companies with a turnover of more than $4 million that have been an approved business sponsor for more than four years, have a sanction-free track record and are sponsoring individuals in occupations with salaries in excess of $129,300; 

Stream 2 - would include companies with a turnover of at least $1 million, have no sanctions for more than one year, and are sponsoring workers in occupations with base salaries of between $96,400 and $129,300; and

Stream 3 - would capture the rest, and have a more rigorous approval process;

The Government has made positive comments about the recommendations.  If legislated (which of course depends on the Senate), these reforms will give Australian businesses easier access to skilled workers from overseas.

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