Accountants and Financial Planners Briefing
Binding Financial Agreements
Thursday, 9 February 2017

Our first Accountants' & Financial Planners briefing for 2017 will look at the reasons why you might suggest a BFA for a client and highlight some of the issues surrounding their application and interpretation.

Tick tock, tick tock: Extension of Time claims fall foul to strict time bars!

The decision in CMA Assets Pty Ltd v John Holland Pty Ltd [No 6] [2015] WASC 217, has reinforced the position that contr...

NSW Strata Reforms – Introduction of the new Building Defect Bond Scheme

Developers and builders of residential and mixed use high rise strata buildings are being urged to familiarise themselve...

What’s in a term? Points to consider when negotiating your lease

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The ‘gig economy’: Are Uber drivers and Deliveroo riders contractors or employees?

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When going live on social media goes wrong!

Going live on social media platforms such as Facebook or Periscope is a great way to immediately connect and interact wi...

Update to Strata Legislation

The Strata Schemes Development Regulation 2016 will commence on 30 November, 2016.

Relatives or third parties applying for time with children- Where do you stand?

The Family Court has historically been strict when considering applications from someone other than a parent or grandpar...