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Women in Business Forum
Celebrate Women – With entrepreneur Carolyn Creswell
Thursday, 19 March 2015

In March we celebrate International Women’s Day – and what better way to acclaim the achievements of women than to hear from one of Australia’s most recognised female entrepreneurs Carolyn Creswell – whose success proves that you can run a multinational business and still love what you do whilst...

Defining the limits of “bullying” in the Fair Work Commission

Even though there have been very few anti-bullying orders made over the last 12 months since the commencement of the FWC...

The boundaries of adverse action

“Adverse action” or “general protections” claims under the Fair Work Act can be tricky to understand and to contest.

Enquiries, reviews and reports

The employment law and industrial relations system is undergoing two major reviews at present.

Think before you tweet – your reputation may depend on it

Statistics suggest that every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter. With so many tweets, one...

Employee awarded compensation, but refused reinstatement, despite sending anti-Muslim email to colleagues

The Fair Work Commission held that an anti-Muslim email that vilified those of the Muslim faith and sought to motivate r...

How the Family Court views Gender Dysphoria (‘Gender Identity Disorder’)

The Family Court of Australia recently made a Declaration to award Parental Responsibility to a 17 year old to enable hi...

Will you be ‘looked after’ when it comes to the end of your lease?

This case illustrates that when it comes to your lease, you should always have written correspondence from your landlord...